Grow organic revenue

ROI-based SEO service

Let us take care of your organic revenue growth.

This is a done-for-you ROI-based SEO service where we take over the organic growth of your website and focus on delivering ROI for you.

What You’ll Get

ROI focused strategy & its execution
Most SEO agencies focus on getting keyword rankings on traffic. We focus on delivering sustainable, long term organic growth with positive ROI.

    • Research to build the right foundation – we’ll pick few focus pages & keywords with the highest ROI potential.
    • Advanced On-page optimization – we’ll optimize the focus pages with the help of advanced tools like Cora SEO software.
    • Content optimization – depending on your specific situation, we’re going to publish a “link magnet” piece of content, some supporting content and add more content to focus pages.
    • Active, manual link building – each month, we’re going to follow a 6-month link building roadmap we’ll custom create for you. It involves building a mix of foundational, forum, guest posts and drop-in links.

Benefit: long term organic revenue growth with positive ROI

Results tracking dashboard

    • We’re going to build a dashboard inside Google Data Studio which will help you track the most important metrics like organic revenue, traffic, ROI, keyword rankings as well as number of links built.
    • See an example dashboard here.

Benefit: every Monday, you can check a dashboard to see how we’re progressing against important metrics, not just rankings.

CRO consultancy

    • Our goal is for you to get ROI. Since this is an SEO focused service getting traffic, it highly benefits us that your revenue per visitor is maximized.
      Our team is going to research your target audience & analyze your data to come up with CRO plan explained over a recorded video.

Benefit: increased revenue per visitor, quicker ROI from the SEO service.

Note – our case study explains the whole process in more detail, click here to check it out.

ROI and Pricing

Here is why we think many companies will benefit by choosing to have us run their SEO:

    1. We focus on revenue, not rankings – while many agencies claim they can get hundreds of keywords on page one. We focus on ranking smaller set of keywords but with higher ROI potential.
    2. Better results – we have more experience, a process and a well-trained team to achieve the results for you.
    3. Less expensive – to do this yourself, you’d have to at least hire a content writer, SEO manager, outreach specialist. You also need to find a reliable strategy, train the team and hope the strategy was right. 
    4. Transparent – we’re very transparent with what you can expect from us, how long it will take to get results and what we work on. In fact, we’ve shared everything in our case study.
    5. More flexibility – even though we recommend consistency for at least 4-6 months in order to get results, we don’t require any contracts. This means less risk for you because you can fire an agency at any time.
    6. Fast ramp up – we only take your time for a quick onboarding call, reviewing our monthly report videos and rating your satisfaction rate with us every now and then.

We send a customized pricing structure based on evaluation of your business & goals (starts at $2,000/month). 

What are the next steps?

    1. Fill out the evaluation form by clicking the button bellow.
    2. Share view-only access to your Google Analytics & Webmaster Console accounts (we can also sign an NDA)
    3. We’re going to diagnose your business and determine which strategy is right for you.
    4. If we believe we can help, we’ll record a video proposal for you to review.
    5. After a video proposal, we’ll schedule a live Q&A session to answer all your questions & concerns.
    6. If everything looks well, we start working together.

Please click the button below to get your proposal.