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ROI-Based SEO Agency for e-Commerce Stores

We help entrepreneurs like you to increase eCommerce store revenue from organic traffic with a combination of effective SEO and conversion rate optimisation.

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We Focus on Revenue, not Traffic & other vanity metrics

While we do track traffic, rankings, engagement & conversion metrics, our core focus is improving revenue from organic traffic to maximise the ROI.

To help clients track our progress, we create a Google Data Studio dashboard tailored to your project so you can track revenue impact in real time.

The dashboard connects through Google Analytics and Google Search Console APIs so all visitor, ranking & revenue data is reported in real time.

The dashboard shows the actual numbers from our 16-months long SEO case study.

KPI tracking dashboard for our featured SEO case study

Our proven 3-step process for growing organic revenue

1- Identify pages with biggest Organic traffic ROI potential

Pick 2-5 products/categories with the best ratio of keywords available, lowest organic search competition and current conversion rate.

2 - Optimize pages for Search engines and UX

Optimization of the top 2-5 products/categories (content addition, keyword optimization, UX enhancements).

3 - Link building
(Off-page SEO)

We used a mix of whitehat link building strategies and publishing new content to push rankings. Our "drop-in links" technique proven to be the most effective.

Featured Case Study: How E-Commerce Store Grew Organic Revenue From $250 To $29,608

See how an eCommerce grew their monthly organic traffic revenue using our proven 3-step process.

The case study started in February 2018 and is still running but the results reported are from May 2019 (2020 update is coming soon since we still work on this store).

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Would You Like Our Team to Grow Your Organic Revenue & ROI?

Our team focus is always revenue. Not traffic & other vanity metrics.
We’re a boutique SEO agency. Never deal with junior account managers again.
We’re transparent about our reporting, successes & failures. No false promises.

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